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pfft, Bandai Zaxxon artwork is done, temp link: http://tsk-tsk.net/net/temp/bzaxxon.zip
It will be added here soon http://www.mess.org/artwork
The game is difficult to play without 3D illusion. Or is the real thing difficult too?

No, actually the Bandai one is the easy one to play (Coleco's is a bitch... smile )

I haven't loaded up MAME yet, but does the display look exactly like the .svg files? It's supposed to have a hard perspective to it do to the angle you look at the VFD on the real game. Is that implemented? If it can't be programmed easily, it might be better to just create the graphics that way.

Another thing that might help would be to change the colors of under.svg slightly (make them a little darker or paler), since it's the slight color difference of being seen though a one-way mirror that make it more obvious that those things are on the lower plane. The ships all look a little different, but for me it was their 'paleness' that really gave it away...