All right, just to make sure what I'm making is usable... smile Here's where I am with Ultraman. Figured I'd make sure this will work before getting into the really hard panels... I'm taking the route of really cleaning up the Photoshop file before vectoring, so hopefully there's minimal amount of cleanup needed in Inkscape. I'm working on making all the sprites clean, pure white and as accurate as possible (for the really weird ones I'm taking macro photos of the VFD turned off and re-tracing them if need be. There's a lot of bleed/blown-up colors when they are turned on). Then I'll separate them into the 3 colors (that should be simple enough to do manually).

This is re-sized to a forum-sized image, but once separated into 3 color BMPs, is this the kind of file that would work good with Potrace?
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