Good guess!

Sorry, I was out "de-globbing" Contra, Gradius, Lone Ranger, and Blades of Steel. I still have a little cleanup to do on them, then I'll get top metal pics, then Whink them and hopefully get nice ROM pics. I forgot how much of a pain removing epoxy is. All 4 games use the same chip- the dies are marked KMS73B, same as TMNT.

The 20-pin chip in Atari Touch Me is a TMS1700. It looks like a TMS1100 with 1/4 the ROM and RAM.

The TP0327 die in the Sharp calculator was inverted. I haven't seen that in the other 100 or so TI chips I've decapped. When I blowtorched it, I thought I had lost the die, but I checked the piece of plastic that came off and there were no bond wires embedded in it, so I removed the plastic under the paddle and there it was.

The die in Mickey's Math Adventure isn't a TI chip. The only marking is CG232DCN.

<edit>The TI datasheet that has the TMS1400 info also has TMS1700 info. It says the TMS1700 is identical to the TMS1000 except with 1/2 the ROM and RAM and 9 R outputs.

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