I took pics under the microscope, like I do with chips. I was able to adjust the lighting to get a fairly good image- I haven't had the same luck with other LCDs.

In the Jedi pic, you can see that 4 of the "traces" have black ovals- those are the common connections. The Konami patents show capacitors on the commons, but there are no caps on the PCB. The Konami LCD panels have 8 commons and 33 segment connections, and some of the commons are connected to the same pins on the SM-51x. I guess that made routing easier.

I should be able to build rigs for different LCD panels that would let me activate all the segments and take pics like I did with the Konami games. It's a bit of work, but it doesn't harm the panels.

I thought Mego Fabulous Fred was related to Tandy 12. I've got it on my ebay watch list, but it always seems overpriced.

I was taking a set of pictures of one of the Konami chips last night, but had to cancel and start it over because there was a 4.2 earthquake a few miles away that blurred out a bunch of the tiles.

I really messed up the name of the game with the TMS1700- I used Atari Touch Me in all my notes and filenames. It's actually Tiger Copy Cat model 7-522. I also have a Sears Follow Me with a TMS1000 which is the same as the older Tiger Copy Cat. And I have 2 Atari Touch Me games- one with a PIC1655A and another with an unknown AMI chip.