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Is there any news on emulation? Can these games can be dumped using software? Has somebody already dumped these?

I have the Nu Pogodi IM-2 here, but apparently some (battery?) fluid got inside the LCD, rendering the left side semi-useless. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can salvage it?
PCB is in a rough shape, I suspect it met water at some point, but the game works nonetheless. IC is unmarked, but pinout seems to match КБ1013ВК1-2 from Russian thread.

[Linked Image from i1290.photobucket.com][Linked Image from i1290.photobucket.com][Linked Image from i1290.photobucket.com][Linked Image from i1290.photobucket.com]


After working on the Konami LCD games, I started looking at the G&W games and the Electronika game Tauwasser sent. The dark splotches on the LCD are actually voids where the liquid crystal is absent. I guess that some leaked out, and that those areas are where the glass plates are farther apart. I can press on the glass and see the liquid move slightly into those areas. Without the top polarizing filter, the black splotches are barely visible.

Unfortunately, the lower polarizing filter and the reflective background are glued to the glass, so I can't take the same kind of pics like I did with the Konami games. I put the panel under the microscope, and it looks like I can get pics like the RZone Jedi pic.

But reading through the links posted earlier in this thread, someone has decapped the chip from this game and visually dumped the ROM, and someone else wrote an emulator. The ROM file and scans of the artwork and LCD segments are available. So we just need to follow the traces on Tauwasser's scans to figure out how the buttons and LCD segments are connected, and that should be all the info needed to emulate it.