A few questions AND A FEATURE REQUEST for you please:

Now with mame zipped extras I try to cleanup my QMC2 setup...

1) My videos (from videosnaps torrent) are set properly and QMC2 actually finds them, but they are played only in audio, no video. Should some specific CODECs be installed? (VLC shows videos fine and I have ffdshow latest tryout installed)

2) Seems it cannot see the new zipped extras (although set properly in config). Am I correct to assume, that the extra folder level they have doesn't allow for that? (so not an issue in QMC2)

3) How can I make cheat.7z work for QMC2? Doesn't seem to get a file as parameter, only a folder. (Options/Emulator/Global/Search paths/cheatpath)

4) Same for (new) ctrlr.zip. QMC2 seems to only be able to use a path?

5) This is more a general MAME question... Seems that crosshair is not used any more? It is not included in MAME distribution.

6) I have some confusion concerning artpreview and snap folders (or zips) and how they relate to QMC2 config. In Options/Front end/Files-Directories/Preview file (or directory) I have snap.zip. Is this the place for artpreview.zip instead? If not (and snap.zip is correct), where should I set artpreview to see it?

7) Feature: Allow for transparent portable setup. AFAIK QMC2 can be portable if you set the path to qmc2.ini in a parameter. This is not easy for systems that you don't invoke the front-end from console window OR using a shortcut (as shortcuts bind to specific drive letters and you don't want that in a portable setup). This can easily be resolved if QMC2 FIRST checks if there is qmc2.ini in own (qmc2) folder (or .qmc2 folder IN qmc2 own folder) AND THEN check user home directory for .qmc2 (precedence is to be discussed). How does this sound? Easy to implement I guess and will make it way more portable.

That's all for now. :P
Appreciate any help.