1) Windows 10 x64. FFDShow x64 latest installed. Point me to help please?

2) Sorry, PleasureDome started "releasing" (lacking a better word) AntoPISAs collection of extras (snaps, ends, bosses, pcb etc.) in zipped format (a zip for each folder, except samples and artwork). MAME itself can use those directly. But ignore this for now, as it MIGHT be an issue with the zips.

3) Same thing but different case. Cheat.7z was always (last few years) 7zipped and able to be used directly by MAME AFAIK (as all other folders).

4) Same as #3. Unlike #2 (where the issue could be the zips being one folder "deeper" - so ignore for now, not your problem), here the issue is that AFAIK MAME supports the ctrlr folder to be zipped (like snap.zip) and QMC2 doesn't.

5) Thanks.

6) "Artwork Preview". Yes I know about custom classes. That said, shouldn't QMC2 support directly what MAME itself (and embedded GUI) already supports?
In 0.172, ui.ini (part of stock mame) has provisions for:
cabinets, cpanels, pcbs, flyers, titles, ends, marquees, artwork_preview, bosses, logos, scores, versus, gameover, howto, select, icons, covers.
...as zipped files or folders.
Some of these are missing from QMC2.

7) Suggest a clean patch as in develop the solution myself and submit the patch? laugh Because it's been years since I could do that. smile If you mean something else, please let me know. I think my proposal was pretty clean:
- check if ./qmc2.ini exists.
- check if ./qmc2/qmc2.ini exists.
- check if $home/.qmc2/qmc2.ini exists (as is now).
...use the first you find.

Thanks for your reply.