2) Erm... ok. Note that mame itself, has "snapshot_directory" in mame.ini and "artwork_preview_directory" in ui.ini. So it already treats them as something different.

3) Clear thanks. You know if it will work for #4 (ctrlr) too?

6) As in #2 above. I am not talking about whatever collection AntoPISA makes, I am talking about those supported by stock 0.172 MAME and the stock UI. Somebody would expect that QMC2 stores and is able to configure (without using "custom classes") at least what stock MAME supports. But this is your call of course.

7) As I explained, yes it can be done with bat files and/or shortcuts set to call the parameter. Not purely a transparent portable solution.
(if you remember - I am sure you don't - I was striving for portability years ago too, when I pointed some paths that were not working using relative paths)

That said (and generally speaking), I really really doubt config and exe in same directory is Windows-centric. I've seen it done from the days of the Amiga (and before, but before Amiga and DOS, multi-level folders where rare anyway) and definitely is still done by many many many linux programs.

MAME itself is one! MAME holds the most important ini directly in its root.

In any case I don't think adding such a check during initialization would hurt QMC2 in any way - but your call again. smile

Thanks. smile