Ok, if you want, I can do this for you. Let me know in that case.

Here are the steps:
- save these files as black-on-white bmps. potrace by default takes dark(foreground) on light(background)
- draw some junk on the corners, this will make it easier to align the layers perfectly
- commandline 3 times: potrace -s file.bmp
- inkscape: import the 3 svgs as 3 separate layers and align them
- ungroup the objects(shift ctrl G) in inkscape, and set the colors(ctrl A to select all, then click a color)
- get kevtris's picture where he placed grid and plate numbers over the element
- group paths(ctrl G) that make 1 object and set the title in object propertjes to x.y where x=grid number and y=plate number. See the finished artwork svgs as example.
- use Sarayan's svg2lay tool to make a MAME layout with it: svg2lay file.svg 1 outputfolder

*edit* svg2lay for this purpose is deprecated soon, in favor of MAME supporting svg directly. Nomore external artwork either, the svg will be in the same zip container as the game ROM.

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