Okay, mission accomplished:

(I haven't done any vector tweaking yet, I just wanted to make it work... smile I'll tidy up some things later to have a better SVG for MAME when it supports them directly.)

It's not playing right though, it looks like the numbering is off by one on some elements (it keeps displaying plate 3 when it should be plate 2, so you are playing headless monsters instead of the little person on the first level, and the UFO (plate 14 on all grids) is buildings (plate 15).

But the UFO's shots are okay (Plate 10, 0 and 1 on each grid)...

I double checked several of the PNGs svg2lay created, and they look correct (assuming the ID PNG is correct (Edit- looks like it is correct...)), so maybe a programming tweak somewhere?
(My compile is a couple of days old, just in case something was changed over the weekend or something...)

And, if we are being picky about titles, 'Ultraman' is one word... smile

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