Yeah, I saw that you had added the ladders, which I guess makes sense as you need those to play the game (like the maze on Bandai Packri Monster). I was just having trouble, back when I did this, adding the whole bezel. It looks like following the decorative artwork details will solve that though, there's several games that have images around the screens.

I was trying to fiddle with that list of plates in the code, but couldn't figure out how you determine that, so I figured I'd just wait... smile Thanks for fixing it! I see one graphic that's grouped wrong, I'll fix that and tidy up some of the vectors this week.

I'm also going to redo some of the others, especially ones like Pac-Man and such that just have a couple of sprites used throughout. I can create one nice clean one then copy/paste them all over. Might as well at least do the easy ones... smile

BTW, is Kevtris still around? I guess it's time to send him more games if he's up to it... smile