I marked Lone Ranger's bits with 3 different algorithms, then compared those. I'm going to automate the process so that it takes less hands-on time.

Since the other games are working, I'm confused about the bad digit segments in Gradius. I'll put the LCD panel back into my rig and triple check everything.

For checking SVGs, I've been using Inkscape's menu item Edit / XML Editor. It shows a list of objects, and any object without an expand icon (triangle) hasn't had a title added. That means I skipped a valid segment or there's a glitch that I need to delete. Then I count the pngs that svg2lay creates, and make sure that matches what I expect; if not, I probably titled 2 segments the same.

Hap- BTW, thanks for doing the cleanup work on the Konami LCD graphics. The composited segments and backgrounds look great! I thought the smallest bad guys on Lone Ranger looked like Freddy Kreuger, but now I see they are pushing open the batwing saloon doors!

[Linked Image from seanriddle.com]

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