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Rik that looks good, note that you forgot to remove 1 small cyan smudge to the bottom-right of king kong. To check smudges like these, I open bg.png in Paint and floodfill pink over it, any remaining 'black holes' is junk or accidentally forgotten to title.

Oops, don't know where that came from... One thing I've been trying to train myself is to not use key commands from Photoshop in Inkscape... smile I'm so used to just hitting certain keys that I do it without thinking, and I keep inverting the graphics or duplicating whatever is highlighted... Probably a side effect of that. smile

ZIP file is updated.

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For checking SVGs, I've been using Inkscape's menu item Edit / XML Editor. It shows a list of objects, and any object without an expand icon (triangle) hasn't had a title added. That means I skipped a valid segment or there's a glitch that I need to delete. Then I count the pngs that svg2lay creates, and make sure that matches what I expect; if not, I probably titled 2 segments the same.

Ah, nice trick, I was wondering if there was an easy way to do that... After removing the little square, I did a text search on the .SVG for any element without a title, but that works a lot faster.

In addition to your steps above, I also simply view every single PNG to make sure they look right. I found a duplicated item that way (I had the right # of PNGs, but I had an extra 0.18 or something, so when I looked at 0.18.png, it had two things in it instead of one, but nothing was mis-named. Had an extra graphic perfectly hidden under a copy of itself. smile )