Ah Rene, found where is problem !!!
have any problem with mame and lua plugins for cheat and cheatfinder
if disable lua support - all is fine

18:17:27.087: stdout[#0]: G:\M.A.�.�/plugins/timer/init.lua:59: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value (upvalue 'play_count')
18:17:27.528: stdout[#0]: G:\M.A.�.�/plugins/timer/init.lua:40: bad argument #1 to 'write' (string expected, got nil)
18:17:27.528: stderr[#0]: pang.xml(5): error parsing cheat expression "maincpu.pb@E01C!=00" (non-existent memory space)

PS- no, crashed again frown

p.p.s - mystery , compile again clean mame, now and mameui too crashed frown

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