Well, i think it's more complicated than that.

If the sets are split, there is no problem, but when merged here is the problem :

As my sets are merged i have to have the 136032.107.b2 (7a29dc07) in my set which override at launch the 136032.107.b2 (315e4be4) from atarisy1 bios rom

It's the intended behaviour, and it works well when having split sets as it will just override for roadblstgu as it's the only set which have the rom.

But as my sets are merged, the 136032.107.b2 (7a29dc07) will override FOR ALL THE SETS of the merged rom.
It's not the intended behaviour and will cause the rom checking to fail

The games works as MAME load the roms in a zip by CRC and there is another rom with a different name and the good CRC.

Hence two solutions :

*you remove the 136032.107.b2 (7a29dc07)
and you make MAME (and QMC2) happy, BUT you miss the 136032.107.b2 file for roadblstgu which is bad as a documentation POV (and it makes CMP unhappy but that's a little thing).
* You keep the file, but then MAME/QMC2 will report the rom as incorrect.

I think, if the roms naming stay as it is there is no correct solution if you have merged sets.

I feel it's gonna be an edge case where every camp will say they handle the thing correctly and i have little hope it will be fixed.

The best solution would be to change the 136032.107.b2 (7a29dc07) to something like 136032.107.b2-german (7a29dc07) but i am not sure the MAME team would accept that

I hope i have explained the situation clearly enough.

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