I found the bugs finally, it was due to that it is not possible to use diserial the way I did with local baudrate timer in the SCC device. I got it nearly to work one way as can be seen above but when sending keypresses the other way there was problems. The SCC device wasn't producing exactly the right baud rate but nearly enough to being able to send characters from the board to the terminal, but in the opposite direction there was not start bit detection and there was no mid bit alignment in the SCC device. Even after adding that it turned out that I didn't get the final transmitt_complete because it also had no stop bit detection... So I relized I was reimplementing diserial in the SCC device and after I relized that it took me just 20 minutes to implement the baudrate timer using the diserial setrate() functions. So that part is now rock solid compared to how it was and the MVME-147 driver was submitted a few days ago with a working 147-Bug> terminal. It has a lot of features to play with:

Some of this doesn't work yet since there are no devices behind the commands but it is a start and the 147-Bug supports booting an OS from disk and load code it is just a matter of complete the emulation :-)

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