Myself and GodzFire don't really get along very well on other forums I must admit.

However I have gotta say I 100% agree with him that we must have this proposed new version of M1 that Richard was talking about using that new MAME/MESS combined source code and the XML files that comes with it.

M1 FX does the job of a 100% Windows native port without the seperate bridge thing but it still uses the same source codes with not many systems.

Within the source code for MAME I can sucessfully find the XML's, Sounds/Audio & CPU's stuff to build a new M1 source code but ZLib/MPEG and Xpat do not exist in the newer sources unless they are made up ones exclusively for the source codes of the M1 player in that case it should be easy for anyone to just get the missing sound boards into the M1 source.

But then there is the pratting about with compiling the M1FX source into this working new M1 Native Windows version as well as compiling the normal M1 source codes into working Mac versions which only the source compiling experts can do.

Hopefully Richard could make it sooner rather than later.

Hash seems to be where all the games XML's are located and SRC is where all the sound boards and CPUs are in the latest 0.173 source.

Hopefully after my head in the right source code directions Richard can now build up the new M1 source and native builds using M1FX for Windows and M1 Normal for Mac sooner rather than later as I've been waiting for years just like you for the new version and it's possibly something that me and you feel pasionately neautrally about for once.

It might not make us best buddies but at least its something we agree on that we need this upgrade to M1 desperately now even if we have to attempt to add the newer lot of cpp and c files to the current M1 source codes ourselves and ask if Robert can attempt a compile of it to see if it works.

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