Here are some more pics of the die from The Generals. I cleaned the die in nitric acid again, then used Whink on it. Since I had used nitric acid on it a few times, I only Whinked it for a minute, then took pics, then whinked it again, etc:

I also scanned the pieces, the manual, and part of the board:

Here's a pic that's on the front of the box. The parts placement on the PCB is correct, although the traces are shown on the parts side (I guess it was boring the other way). But it's funny that the "electronic brain" is an empty socket!
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I've got a 1979 Electronic Battleship coming. I think it will be identical to the 1977; if so, I'll get the missing O output PLA bits. If it's different, I'll document it and look for a cheap 1977 version. In the meantime, I picked up a 1982 Electronic Battleship. It's different in that it uses 4 AA batteries instead of 2 9Vs, and it has the code book. It uses a COP420 instead of a TMS1000. There's no sound chip; the COP generates all the effects.

Here's the code book: