I uploaded a die shot of the Battleship 1979 ASIC: http://www.seanriddle.com/bship79_metal2.jpg It's a little dirty, so I'll clean in up in nitric acid and take more pics before removing the top metal layer.

There are no identifying marks, just the part # 462. I think upper left in my pic is pin 17, numbered CCW. There are 29 pads; I think the extra pad is between 2 and 3- I bet it's connected to the substrate along with pin 14, battery +.

The most obvious feature is the 200 bit RAM in the lower left. There is a giant transistor at bottom center for the speaker output, and a smaller one at top center for the LEDs.

Pin 16 is definitely the oscillator input; if I touched it, the sounds were pitch-bent. I couldn't measure the clock rate without stopping it.

The 10 pads on the left along with 2 more on the bottom (pins 17-28) are part of the switch matrix. Each of these is pulsed high for about 2/3ms every 10.6ms and high signals are looked for on the 4 pins 7-10. 12x4=48 possible inputs, of which 46 are used.