I don't see their company logo anywhere on the die, but the 'style' of the pads/traces etc on the die, and especially of the markings at the bottom edge of the die showing the revisions for each individual layer, lead me to believe that the ASIC was fabricated by SSi (same as TSI S14001A, and Votrax SC-01/A and SC-02/SSI263). I could email/ask Ed Bernard (who worked at SSi) to see if he remembers this.

Compare the markings to http://siliconpr0n.org/map/votrax/sc-01-a/mz_mit20x/

Also compare the silkscreen font printed on the package ( https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/79094972/bship1980front.jpg ) to the font on http://www.riana.com/electronics/sc01/images/sc01a.jpg


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