Yeah if you can get any info on the 0601, that would be great. It's probably similar to the 0488, and studying the pinout and code should help a lot.

Paul Robson has the datasheet for the Microvision chip- from Hughes:

I haven't seen enough Microvisions to know if any chips other than the SCUS0488 labeled ones were used.

But what I'm wondering is if the SCUS chips were made by Hughes. Or did the company (whoever they are) just 2nd source the 0488 used in Microvision? The ".H" text on the chips makes me think that the SCUS chips and the HLCD0541P and HLCD0601 were made by the same company. But I'm not ready to decap one of the 0601s yet.

At first it seemed that just Milton Bradley used the SCUS chips (Simon, Battleship and Microvision), but then I remembered the Gabriel Othello thread and the Mattel Chess game.