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Yeah if you can get any info on the 0601, that would be great. It's probably similar to the 0488, and studying the pinout and code should help a lot.

Sorry, let me clarify: he has datasheets for the HLCD0488 and HLCD0541 which I'll prioritize. He also has datasheets for: HLCD0438, HLCD0515, HLCD0538, HLCD0539, HLCD0540, HLCD0542, HLCD0548, HLCD0550, HLCD0551, HLCD0607.

Maybe I'll try for HLCD0607 datasheet and hope it's similar to HLCD0601. smile


BTW, Ingo's prefix list says "SCU = MOSTEK>SGS-THOMSON>STMICROELECTRONICS", Philips would have inherited that IIRC which may explain that "Philips HLCD0541P" mention I found.

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