Shaderc does already compile on Linux. Lacking in clean makefile magic, I had to make the following changes in order for "make shaders" to work:
  • In src/osd/modules/render/bgfx/shaders/makefile, comment out the lines that contain TARGET=n, except for the case n=4.
  • In src/osd/modules/render/bgfx/shaders/, add a backslash before the semicolon in the lines
    VS_FLAGS+=-i $(THISDIR)../src/;$(THISDIR)../examples/common/
    FS_FLAGS+=-i $(THISDIR)../src/;$(THISDIR)../examples/common/

For a first try, I've ported my CRT shader to bgfx; get it here in uncompiled form. Note that this has only been tested on Linux/GLSL with an Nvidia card.