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So for crt-geom to work we need:

  • all the "vec2(0.5)" type things updated to vec2(0.5, 0.5) or I guess vec2_splat(0.5)
  • the matrix multiply for the transformtation to use mul(x,y)
  • all access of varying parameters to be in main() ONLY

I'm not trying to force you to make all these changes, I could probably do it if I have a few minutes later. But I wanted to list the required changes here in case you wanted to make the modifications yourself, but didn't have access to a Windows PC with MAME build tools.

Good work though. HLSL is too slow to run on integrated graphics and CRT-geom isn't. So it definitely is useful to have available.

Thank you SoltanGris42 for the info and indeed, it would be nice to have crt-geom, it became a very popular shader among MAME users.

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