Ok, I took a shot at it.

I didn't try to make smart decisions about the best way to do anything. Just mindlessly fixed whatever the compiler was complaining about.

And even though the opengl version looked fine, the dx versions produced incorrect output with the matrix/vector multiplication and so I switched it to separate multiplications.

I also added in a magenta/green striped aperture mask just because I thought it was a standard feature in most crt-geom versions floating around the internet. And I added a slider to turn off the effect. I hope cgwg doesn't mind...

The file I'm uploading has a bgfx folder to merge with the one in the MAME folder that includes the chain/effect/binary shaders and a separate folder with the modified source.

Here you go: http://filebin.ca/2kEIhx4PExYW/crt-geom_bgfx_modified.zip

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