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Added onto https://sites.google.com/site/o0kinghanco0o/crt-geom-alternative-downloads (Note: horizont only. Tested on Galaga and it leaving color lines. Turn it to the side will fix the problem.)

I may just leave it there for backup anyway. smile


I wasn't going to change a bunch of stuff in the shader. It's cgwg's, after all. But I probably should have handled vertical games correctly at least.

If cgwg wants to do more work on it, that wold be great. I guess that if he doesn't want to, I can fix it up a bit so it can be included in MAME.

I can try to copy the format/style of MooglyGuy's shaders and I suppose I can figure out how to do a diff or a pull request if nobody else will.

It would take a few days or a week since I'm pretty busy work though.