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Someone pointed me at this LCD game a few months ago: "Catch-A-Coke". I "guess" you could call one version of it coin-operated? I didn't know it was an LCD game until I started looking into it.
There's also a normal handheld version of it too.

Yeah, I have those... The handheld game:
Is a game by Bandai called 'Monkey Business' with the LCD replaced with one that has Coke cans instead of coconuts. The handheld CPU is likely a blob...

The Vending machine unit is basically a larger version of it, and it has a normal chip in it:
NEC D7502G 139
Is that one that can be dumped non-destructively? I can probably loan that out if it's dumpable...
'Kaken' is written on one of the circuit boards. I've never been 100% sure who that is, although an alternate spelling of 'Gakken' seems to make sense. smile The LCD still says 'Bandai Electronics'.

There's also a 'Spell Coke' game which seems to be a unique module just for the vending machines. I have that one too.

Here's a marketing video from Coke that shows off the game:

Here's some images of the Catch a Coke vending unit:
[Linked Image from handheldmuseum.com]
[Linked Image from handheldmuseum.com]
[Linked Image from handheldmuseum.com]
[Linked Image from handheldmuseum.com]

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