I would also want to donate (if someone in the US can manage it).

The first bunch of disks seems most interesting. GraftWriter (last item) is rare, but definitely not worth 400 dollars.

What about copy protection? Lots of original business titles (Lotus & others) were in fact copy protected.

When we imaged RFKA's disk collection, i made *.FDI images (MFM ? with sampled index pulses) and later heard that MESS/MAME uses an incompatible internal format.

So i'd like to ask: is there a standard procedure?

Manuals are also important, though i think most Lotus & Microsoft titles were direct PC ports (often minus graphics)...

On another note, some small companies over here wrote individual business solutions. We now have (600 or 800 dpi) scans of the docs, but are uncertain if anyone cares enough to host non OCR'ed pages in German ... smile

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