[7201 emulation / serial setup]
Now i tried to follow the instructions RFKA gave on the DMV thread (page 9), only problem is that nothing gets through.

- 7201 config statements were added to the Rainbow driver (hopefully correct). The IRQ (IRQ_COMM_PTR_INTR_L,) is firing.

- i try to connect Putty to the bitbanger on, port 10000. The Rainbow runs in Terminal Mode (T key after boot) where it mimics a VT100/VT102 (more or less)...
Unfortunately nothing happens ...

- no virtual comm port is installed (and the platform is Windows 10).

Driver - work in progress (2016-07-02):


Command line / invocation:
mess64 -window -debug rainbow -frameskip 10 -bitbngr socket.

The printer is difficult to get working (even with a patch), so i concentrate on the serial interface for now.

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