I get this compilation error under mingw on Win64 and I can't get rid of it even when I remove the build catalog and do make 'clean'. I just do
$ rm -rf build
$ make clean
$ make
And then I get:
Compiling src/osd/modules/render/d3d/d3dhlsl.cpp...                                                                                       
../../../../../src/osd/modules/render/d3d/d3dhlsl.cpp: In member function 'void movie_recorder::record()':                                
../../../../../src/osd/modules/render/d3d/d3dhlsl.cpp:96:24: error: no matching function for call to 'avi_write::record()'                
In file included from ../../../../../src/osd/modules/render/d3d/d3dhlsl.cpp:22:0:                                                         
../../../../../src/osd/modules/render/aviwrite.h:25:7: note: candidate: void avi_write::record(const char*)                               
  void record(const char *name);                                                                                                          
../../../../../src/osd/modules/render/aviwrite.h:25:7: note:   candidate expects 1 argument, 0 provided                                   
osd_windows.make:1315: recipe for target '../../../../mingw-gcc/obj/x64/Release/osd_windows/src/osd/modules/render/d3d/d3dhlsl.o' failed  
make[2]: *** [../../../../mingw-gcc/obj/x64/Release/osd_windows/src/osd/modules/render/d3d/d3dhlsl.o] Error 1                             
makefile:19: recipe for target 'osd_windows' failed                                                                                       
make[1]: *** [osd_windows] Error 2                                                                                                        
makefile:947: recipe for target 'windows_x64' failed                                                                                      
make: *** [windows_x64] Error 2                                                                                                           

Because I can