I have done some data forensics on weak disks. If you happen to have the unaltered, original file (or a dump of the IBM character set) please post it!

Most important is the lost Code Blue (IBM emulator) update - required for DOS 3.10b. Now comes with documentation, hints, and a key map -

1) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/37819653/BANNISTER/CODEBLUE_3.x_UPDATE_rev.20160804.7z
Note: CB3.EXE floating around has all mandatory and optional patches applied ('Yes' everywhere, 'fast' key repeat, IBM character ROM installed). My patch is better / more flexible smile

This update expects version 2.0 of CB.EXE (from 1987)...

IFormat & IDrive (with IFORMAT3, which had a harmless bad spot around offset $229D):
2) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/37819653/BANNISTER/IFORMAT_RECOVERED.7z

3) the fast, free Norton Commander clone written in assembly (Soeren Kragh, 1992) i used in the screenshot above.

(last download contains an untampered archive. Must be invoked via CodeBlue /V on the Rainbow, as it was written for PCs)

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