yeah I dumped the mask ROM on the tsi calculator for the speech and 7 bits of the CPU. Interestingly the CPUs were very old (76/77 I think) but protected. The calculator itself runs off of around -12V or so- generated by a small potted DC-DC converter. The speech ROM is super weird too and I believe I needed pullups or pulldowns to get the data out of it. It would've been pushing the limits of technology at the time, for a 4K or so ROM like that.

re: rik's handhelds- I still have several including the select a game that I must've generated a bad dump of. One of the games he sent has a TMS chip in it that's wired in very weirdly so it's hard to remove it, since they sky wired transistors in to drive the VFD or something. I have been wanting to dump amidar, and I believe I can but I cannot quite figure out the pinout. It's the same family as frogger but the chip is a 52 pin SDIP. I made a 52 SDIP to normal DIP adapter to help with debug/reverse engineering but haven't soldered the chip down yet to do any work.