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It's dot space # # space # # space dot.

I got the 1979 Electronic Battleship- it's the ASIC like LN's:

SCUS 0462
.H 8012

And the same cost-reduced switches.

I'll decap it and see what's hiding in there. But that means I have to get another one to get those missing TMS1000 O PLA bits. So far, I've gotten a 1977, a 1979, a 1982 and 2 talking versions. I decapped (badly) one talking version, and I'm trying to carve out some time to try to electronically dump the other one.
Decided to open up my Electronic Battleship and it matches that description, except is labelled

.4H 8202

The serial on the back of the PCB is "7924750E02 REV.0" and "HCT-4 94HB". Comparing it to LN's photos, it also only has one LED and some resistors and capacitors have been moved around.

Are photos wanted?