Any new progress? I too have been desperatly wanting to have the Videoway cable box emulated but always got stumped by the innexistance of any software dump. I spent a lot of time thinking about how we could get copy of the game or software so an emulator could be developped and my best guest would be some kind of teletext/videotext data stream was used to transfer the code to the videoway RAM but it seem no one ever tried to capture the stream while the system was still up. If we are lucky, we might be able to extract the data from a VHS recording like some already speculated but it's a long shot. I doubt that it was transfered cosntantly like teletext were, it would be too much data. Plus, the game had to load when you would select them from the menu. Our best bet if this kind of signal decoding was possible would be this recording of gameplay from Temporal Inc. Contrary to other gameplay recording, the recording capture the user selecting the game from the menu and also the loading process so if the data was within the reach of the video recorder, we might get something out of it. The guy who uploaded the video is the one that did the PC remake of Temporel Inc and he used the VHS recording of his brother playing to do his remake so I'm sure the tape might be accessible if needed. You can check ou the video I'm refering ot here:

Other than this, I think it'll take short of a miracle for us to get our hands on any Videoway code.
I spent some time researching the peoples who worked on the Videoway during that time and from what I have gathered, only Videotron and Lotto Quebec were responsible for developping the software for the Videoway. I have personnaly spoke with Rob Sleath, the programmer of the original version of the game Styx for the MSX while he was working at Windmills Studio and asked him a few questions about the Videoway port and it turn out that Videotron only bought the right to the game and had the Videoway port of the game programmed in-house by the Videotron staff. It was a bummer since, if somebody still had the original software and be willing to share it with us, it would be him considering he had already released source code to several of it's old game from the time.

Next I was able to track back several Videoway developper of that era and tried to get in contact with them to get more information. I won't specify name just so they don't start gettign regularly bothered. Out of 6 or 7 ex-videoway employee, only one got back to me and was willing to let me ask a few technical questions. This turned out to be also a dead end as the person in question was apparently not working on any of the games but was developping software thad had to do with the cable box communication with the server head for interactive service. I explained that many peoples would like to try to emulate the old system for nostalgia and historical purpose and showed that thread as an example. The person politely stopped communication abruptly when I asked if they knew anyone that might have kept some of their old videoway software (as programmer often keep copy of their work for posterity) stating that any videoway technical information or code is still the intelectual property of Videotron and that they would never share or divulge any of it. None of the other software developper who worked for the Videoway department got back to me and I suspect that most of them would react the same way considering that all of them still seem to be active and are currently working in the field. I'm hoping that we might be lucky someday and one of them will release the code annonimously or they will retire and won't be as nervous sharing that information with the internet. Or maybe a current employe will find them on an old Videotron and throw us a bone:)

I guess that leave us trying to see with the people who developped some of the game for Lotto Quebec as Temporel Inc. seem to have been developped by them for some reasons.

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