can we stop calling the current screens 'nag' screens btw.

the only 'nag' screens we have can already be disabled (and that's an information screen anyway) or have been removed (the only true nag screen in the first place was the copyright disclaimer, and that vanished when MESS was merged in)

the others are WARNING screens, that tell you if there is a problem, that's a very, very different kettle of fish. Those are important and aren't there to nag you but to avoid you thinking an emulation might be perfect when it could has issues. Letting people skip those or hiding them is just plain irresponsible on our part.

The only thing I'd say *really* needed changing for those is cases where there is a bad dump / no dump don't need a warning screen because it should be covered in the flags. Only a CRC mismatch should trigger should a screen in terms of bad roms. It's kinda silly that anything with NO_DUMP pals or BAD_DUMPs of unused roms will trigger the screen right now as in no case does that tell you anything the flags don't already cover.

the only nagging going on is from the people wanting the warnings disabled completely, and we've already done plenty enough to appease them with the removal of the disclaimer and making the info screen optional.

people here seem to be making the classic mistake of confusing MAME for a toy.