"Lua" is not a protocol

Edit: To elaborate a bit on this, before your inevitable backlash strikes:

A protocol needs a few things to be called a protocol. At least the following things are required:
  • a formal definition. This can be prose, code, pseudocode, flowcharts, etc.
  • special attention to interoperability between different implementations (i.e. windows vs linux, 32 vs 64 bit, big endinan vs. little endian, etc.)
  • At least two working "proof-of-concept" implementations that show that (and how) the protocol works.
True, you can do all these using the Lua interpreter in MAME (just as well you can use C/C++ to implement it), but simply stating "just use Lua!" is nothing even remotely similar to a "protocol".

I think when OG asked you to propose a protocol he wanted you to come up at least with the above mentioned points.

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