There is experimental support for PDF files through PDF.js (see Tools / PDF viewer), but there's no direct connection to machine-related documentation. The interest/priority to complete this functionality is low at the moment because it's not clear yet if this approach will still work when we switch to Qt 5.


The alternative would be to use Poppler, but I hate its many dependencies (although everything should be available on Windows and probably Mac OS X as well). Anyway, external dependencies should always be an optional thing, so that's why I decided for PDF.js in the first place (it can easily be integrated, Mozilla Firefox does the same BTW).

Right now there is no external dependency besides Qt 4 or 5.

- SDL is required for joystick support but can be disabled
- libarchive can be enabled if available but is not required
- zlib, lzma and minizip are 'bundled' but can be switched to external libraries (system-libs)

I would like to keep it that way. So PDF.js seems to be the only solution unless Qt 5 gets built-in support for PDF rendering.

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