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I have a Fred, I can loan it out if you think it's dumpable... Probably don't want to kill it though. Chip is labelled: NEC TTGR-511
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I just got one off ebay, so yours is safe! When I decap it, it might turn out to be something that Kevin can dump.
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it might be a reduced pin count version of the D552C like that other game I can't remember the name of. I dumped that part OK using my doodad.

I decapped it a couple of weeks ago but the die stuck in the plastic and I didn't have time to work on it. I spent some time (and HN03) on it today. I didn't get it fully cleaned off, but I did reveal the part #: D557 511.

I tried to electronically dump the TMC1079 from the Canon Multi 8, but I couldn't get consistent dumps at any voltage or with different timing. Right after I decapped it I was worried that the TMS1070 pinout was slightly different from TMS1000, but they are the same. Then when I started documenting the wiring, I noticed that pins 20 and 21 were swapped. I don't use pin 21 (R0) for dumping, but 20 is Vss, the positive supply voltage!