Cool, I'm glad it was useful - I just did it for fun. I think a flaky P/S killed several chips on this Apple, so I'm currently using 4 wall warts to power it until I replace the caps.

The Apple ][+ I got in 1980 had 48K with Integer BASIC in slot 0, and this one has a language card. I didn't realize how big of a hassle that is- all programs lock out reset, so you have to cycle power.

So I bought a prototyping card and built a multi-ROM switcher. Hitting reset jumps to code that waits a couple of seconds for you to press a digit from 1-7 and selects the chosen ROM image. If you don't press a digit, the last-chosen one is selected again. Pressing 8 clears RAM first. That way I can always break out, and either reboot or exit to the monitor.

I'm going to add a big SRAM to it and have it emulate one of the bigger RAM cards.