I uploaded info on Radio Shack Monkey See #2: http://www.seanriddle.com/tms1000.html#monkeysee

It's interesting because it has the first TMS-1000 rev E that I've seen; all the others have been rev B. I electronically dumped the lower 7 bits just like a rev B, although I thought there was a problem because 1/2 the ROM read 00. Turns out that they only needed 512 bytes. The TMS-17x0 must not have been in production yet.

Monkey See #1 uses the same Natl Semi chip as the Quiz Kid "Owl": MM5780. I've decapped one of those and it is very similar to their calculator chip MM5737. I was hoping it would be a slight modification of their MM5799 microcontroller, but it doesn't look like it.