I use the bit banger on Windows with a cmd.line like
mess64 -bitbngr socket.

Then, i connect to with Putty/Windows.

I actually cant get a connection at other speeds than 9600, plus i have to disable handshake everywhere (via our GUI, and in PuTTY/Windows, where i selected 8,N,1, 9600 and XON/OFF software handshake).

Additionally, i must set FDXA (no flow control) in Rainbow SETUP (press F3, page down, set 8N, 9600 for both directions, ESC to leave, then please perform a full reset cycle). smile

I can send text from the Rainbow to Putty in Terminal Mode (T), but as soon as the Rainbow _receives_ text sent from Putty, transmission stops (nothing can be typed anymore).

FDXB (full modem control) does lockup (no transmission, and printf on the console goes crazy while the Rainbow BIOS tries to poke register $06 [comm_bitrate_w] repeatedly... which seems incorrect).

I could not get hardware handshake on a real machine either (KERMIT/Rainbow <-> KERMIT/W95)...

Part of the problem could be that no handshake (FDXA) is less than ideal, and full handshake (FDXB) requires a modem like setup (Carrier Detect and all) from a BIOS perspective.

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