iscsi/floppy PR sent --

How to demo: attach a 720K floppy image to drive 0, wait for selftests to pass and enter debugger:

; configure unit 0 as QD floppy (80 tracks, 2 sides, 9 spt)
do b@2300=2
do b@2301=50
do b@2302=9
do b@2303=0
do b@2304=2
do b@2305=1
do b@2306=ee
do b@2307=0
do b@2308=1
; equivalent:
do q@2300=25009000201ee00

do b@2308=1

do d@2104=2300
do w@210c=0
; target 7, command 0x0a
do w@2100=e0a

; read lbn 0 -- data will be at 0x4000 in memory

do w@2102=1
do d@2104=0
do d@2108=4000
do w@210c=0
do w@2100=e20