Rainbow SET-UP can be invoked by hitting key F3 (*), page down TWICE, set 8N, 9600 for both directions.

[Linked Image from dl.dropboxusercontent.com]

Navigate from setup page to setup page with PAGE DOWN, use cursor keys, change values with UP and DOWN.
Finally save all parameters with SHIFT-S (quit SET-UP by pressing F3).

(*) You may want to reassign F3 to another key. See DEC_LK201.CPP and this one

A full reset cycle is required according to the manual if anything is changed beyond TX or RX baud rates.

You could also use the NVRAM file here

The bitbanger setup was described by "Rfka01" in the DMV thread. He also used XON/OFF btw.

The difference to DMV is that the Rainbow does not have slots (and i also do not use a virtual port). So the command line really is:

mess64 -window -debug rainbow -frameskip 10 -bitbngr socket.

Full documentation for the DEC Rainbow 100 B is at


Let me recommend two manuals:

a. Technical Documentation from April 1985

b. Technical Addendum for 100-A and 100-B

Putty is not invoked via command line. Instead, it is set to match the parameters used in SET-UP. My system is Win 7 Pro 64 bit.

If other questions arise, it might be easier to ask Shattered. He helped me with the baud rate generator.

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