The WD1000 and WD1001 have very similar fast select, so it's not easy to distinguish them based on that. The surest way I know to distinguish them is that the WD1000 has a WD1100-04 CRC chip, while the WD1001 has a WD1100-06 ECC/CRC chip.

The WD1001 also has a WD1100-07 and WD1100-09, but it's possible that those could be used on late revisions of the WD1000, so I wouldn't assume that the presence of those is definitive.

The problem you found is due to an improvement in how enumerations work in Python 3.5. I've just pushed an update which I've tested with Python 3.4.5, so with a bit of luck it should work with Python 3.4.3.

I do all my normal development with Python 3.5.1 or newer, so please let me know if you run into any other Python 3.4 incompatibilities in future versions.

If a copy of the DEC PROMs can be made available, I'd appreciate it.