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First, there is a new version of the GDC diag disassembly.

A new pull request tries to address reentrance problems (after reset) and makes vertical scroll fully functional.

This lets you dive deeper into the reactor core in SCRAM and - more important - fixes the LIST command in DEC's version of GWBASIC (which was next to unusable)

Games that work well are MMIND (MasterMind), PACMAN, SCRAM, and GOTELO (Othello).

Programs with initialization / redraw / reentrance problems (invocation order matters, at least in emulation):
- CANON (high resolution + vectors),
- Solitaire (SOLIT.EXE) and
- GDEMO (from GRPHCS.ARC, interactive graphics interpreter from Livermore Labs 1985),
- plus the Monitor Aligment Test (from the GDC test disk).

There are some interesting cursor issues left. It all depends on the application (REGIS, GSX, GW-BASIC). In the 1st screenshot, the cursor block is invisible and leaves a one line trail behind). The 2nd one shows a scenario where cursor doesn't clear properly (high resolution game with REGIS TSR loaded) frown

GW-BASIC 2.01.01 (from DEC 1984) with Bad Robots source (medium resolution):
[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]
Cursor artefacts in a high resolution REGIS-powered game (EMPIRE.EXE). Cursor should blink. Please ignore the wrong Hz value in screen 2 (already corrected).

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