I'll need to remove the LED panels to get clearer shots of the PCB fronts, but I'm going out in a few minutes and don't have time right now. Let me know if you need that.

I got Cardinal Basketball today and was glad to see it didn't also have MP0168! It's MP0907, but the PCB is very similar to Tandy Sports Arena, using the DS8871. R0 is tied to K1, so I bet it's also a 3-in-1.

I also got Bandai Missile Invader, but was disappointed that it has the same HD38136 as Tandy Space Shot. SS uses a mirror but MI is direct view. Actually, SS has a 38136S and MI has a 38136A. I'm not sure if that's a ROM revision or some other indicator. Most of the HD3813x chips have no suffix, but Tandy Golf and Space Shot have "S".