Nice to get some feedback as this is a long term project for me and there are so much I'd like to do with the VME. smile

We are still at early emulations and recently I pushed the first actual VME bus enabled drivers and I will soon enable all the existing VME SBC board drivers and add more as I got hold of firmwares and/or board documentations.

This will enable exploration of the device support in the existing board firmwares we have and add supported slave boards such as FDD, HDD and SCSI boards. When that is done we will have a lot more software to play with.

Right now I'd like to get more VME board firmwares and documentations as well as specialized firmwares for industrial control applications even though the latter probably will be unducumented it will teach us a lot how these systems were built. Apart from 68K VME I'd like to see 960, Sparc, 386 and obviously 88K up and running one day, but first the bus must be more complete and 68K booting something substantial.

Because I can