I posted info on Mattel Horse Race Analyzer:

And a pick sheet and examples:

This one has a 67-segment LCD display driven by a Hughes HLCD0569. That's one that we don't have a data sheet for, but the pinout is similar to the HLCD0515. When I looked at the signals that the TMS1100 sent to it, I saw that it uses the same serial data format.

Because it has the LCD display, none of the O outputs are connected, which is weird. I was in a hurry when I pulled the chip and I used a little flat blade screwdriver to pry on it because I couldn't easily get all the solder off one of the pins, and one of them broke off. It actually broke the plastic and pulled out of the chip, so there was nothing left to connect to. It turned out to be the OSC2 pin, which is tied to OSC1 in RC mode, and tied to VSS when using an external clock. I was happy that the ROM bits dumped OK (but it's a Rev E, so I couldn't get the msbs), but when I put it back on the PCB it wouldn't run. I hadn't captured the LCD serial data yet, so I wound up clocking it with my dumping rig.

Then I connected a PIC to the HLCD0569's clock, data and chip select pins and turned on each segment so I could map them to the row/column numbers.

I think Mattel Computer Gin also uses the HLCD0569.