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Robotron A7150:

This is a weird-ass bugger, but essentially it's an East German IBM PC/XT clone that sucks ass when it comes to compatibility. It uses a uPD7220 combined with a UA880 CPU and a crapton of Z80 peripherals to emulate a CGA (it seems). Could be a good testcase for the 7220.

MESS status: completely skeletal in SVN, though I have been working on getting it to at least display something. Once the weird-ass Z80 stuff has been finished, I'll post a screenshot.

Ignoring the 7220 for now, just a generic_terminal:

[Linked Image from img-fotki.yandex.ru]

Looks like they've cloned iSBC firmware for this. Not sure if video boards are clones or reimplementations -- f.e. disk controller (KES) is described (http://www.tiffe.de/Robotron/MMS16/Doku/A7150/KES-K5170.pdf) as iSBC 215A/iSBX 218 compatible but uses a U880 (Z80), not a 8089.

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