I've been checking out QME2 as an alternative to MAMEUI for launching both arcade and console games.

So far I have the complete ColecoVision rom set and when trying to launch (either Play or Play embedded) a cart game, like Pitfall! or Qbert or Donkey Kong, etc, it launches the MAME but without the cart, so it just boots the CV bios, saying "TURN GAME OFF BEFORE INSERTING CARTRIDGE"... same as if one gets a real CV console when turned on without a game inserted.

Both ColecoVision (NTSC) in the Machine list and everything in the Software list show as green.

When using analyze ROM on "ColecoVision (NTSC)" in the Machine List, it shows File status good (in green) and likewise for Analyze -> Current software list (all say File status good.) So that and my paths (rom, hash, etc) all seems to be in order.

In the "Front end log" box I see it launching as:
starting emulator #0, command = C:\emu\MAME\mame.exe -hashpath "C:\emu\MAME\hash" -rompath "C:\emu\MAME\roms\coleco" -output console coleco

Notice how it doesn't include the cart. What could be causing this, or what might I be missing? As I understand it I should be able to just select a game from the Software list and play it, but that isn't happening.